National Parks & Elans in Sweden.

National Parks & Elans in Sweden.

National parks and nature reserves have been declared national heritage by Unesco. Those of the North are particularly mountainous and wild. In these virgin lands, thousands of snow-capped mountains follow the vast expanses of marshes and moors. From the month of June, multitudes of flowers color the plains and the valleys. With a total area of 731,589 hectares spread over 29 national parks, Sweden is almost a large national park. The first national park in Sweden and Europe, Sarek, was established in 1909. Although there are vast green and hilly landscapes, the mountains dominate and cover almost 90% of the total area of the parks. Walk around and be on the lookout for momentum, so hard to see. Our terracotta moose, made by a local artist, are unique pieces in very small series.

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